Dominic's Story


Dominic’s mother walked to the bus stop, heart heavy and praying for help. Her son, suffering heavy bullying and exclusion at school, was suicidal. He had stopped going to church, joining in on family fun, or even leaving his room. He was depressed and alone. She was worried and desperate. 

As she walked, she cried out to God for an answer. When Dominic’s mother looked up, she saw the writing on the windows:Tacoma Area Youth For Christ. 

Inside, she connected with ministry staff and shared her story, her worries, and her prayer. It turned out Dominic was attending a Tacoma school with a YFC ministry site and that there happened to still be room in a cabin for him at YFC Camp. 

We say YFC Camp is “where everything changes,” and we are hopeful that it was the start of amazing changes for Dominic. He was able to build friendships, connect with leaders, be himself, and experience God in brand new ways.

Before, peers sought Dominic out in order to ridicule and hurt him. At camp peers sought him out for friendship and care. As he walks into this school year, he doesn’t go rejected and alone. He walks in with people devoted to him in prayer and relationship

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