Bailee's Story

Story from Kelly Yarkosky, YFC leader with Parent Life


I met Bailee through YFC’s Parent Life ministry when she was 18. She had given birth to her son at 17, was living with her boyfriend, and had a hard time staying in school. We instantly bonded and began cultivating a mentor/mentee relationship. From text messages and meeting over burgers at Red Robin, to our families sharing dinner together in my backyard and celebrating her son’s first birthday, God has shown up.

Life can still be hard, but time after time He has shown Himself to me and Bailee. He has answered prayers about jobs, relationships, housing, and even finding and getting back her car that was stolen and we thought was gone forever! There are moments of frustration; moments where it looks like growth isn’t happening. There are times when I want to be a superhero and solve all the problems for Bailee, but I can’t. 

Instead I pray, encourage, and wait for God to show up. This has been my favorite part of my relationship with Bailee--pointing out those God moments in her life and reminding her that God has good things planned for her and her son. God is with Bailee! I cannot wait to see what He does next. 

Because of prayerful partnerships, Bailee has a caring, committed adult in her life who points her to Jesus in the midst of her struggles. Please join us in prayer for Bailee as God continues to reveal Himself to her.